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201 Came to US when about 12 years old from Germany
They had a total of 11 children

(Hand Written: Jan. 7, 1894)

SPEIDEL-Another of Black Bock's oldest settlers has gone to join the great majority on the other side of Jordan. Joseph Speidel. was one of the pioneers of Black Rock. and has lived to see the place grow from a wilderness to what it is at the present time. But his call came Monday at 5 p. m., and he passed peacefully away at his residence, 232 Dearborn street. Six weeks before his daughter Lena died, and this seemed to affect him considerably, as he pined away gradually since that time, and three weeks ago took to his bed. At the time of his death he was aged 75 years, 8 months and 10 days. Joseph Speidel was born in Wertemburg [handwritten Alsaise], Germany, but came to Black Eock over 54 years ago, when there was very. little civilization here and before there was, any church. He was married in the o!d St. Louis' church on Main street Sept. 8, 1846. Some years ago he kept a blacksmith shop where Striker's jewelry store now is on Niagara street, between Hamilton and Amherst streets. When St-Francis Xavier's church was built he was one of the leading spirits in the work, and he was a charter member and helped to organize the St. Francis Xavier Aid Society. He leaves to mourn his loss a widow, six sons, and three daughters. One son, Joseph, and two daughters are in California and the other daughter in St, Louis, Mo. The others reside in Black Rock and Buffalo. The funeral took place Thursday, morning, the remains being laid away in the River Road burying ground. 
Speidel, Max Joseph (I95)
202 Came to US when about 12 years old, from Germany

From funeral card:
- of -
Katherine Speidel
Died Friday, September 3d, 1909. at the age of 86 years, 8 months, 5 days.
Funeral from St. Francis Xavier Church, Monday morning- September 6th, 1909 at 9 o'clock
Interred in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery
Come to her assistance, ye Saints of God ; Come forth to receive her ye Angels of the Lord receiving her soul, offering it in sight of the Most High May Christ who has called thee, receive thee, and may the Angels conduct thee to Abraham's bosom.
Lord, have mercy on her.
Christ, have mercy on her.
Lord, have mercy on her,
" Our Father, etc," 
Heintz, Katherine (I96)
203 Canadian Census Cutter, Winthrop Jackman (I91)
204 Captain, 14th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (McCarver's), Confederate Wolf, Enoch O (I4664)
205 Carcinoma of right upper lobe of lung Conkey, Robert Moscrip (I219)
206 Carl Hedlund, Head (age 30). Esther (age 36), Wife, Robert (Son) (age 4 6/12, Mary Ann (1 1/12)
Birthplace of all listed as Ohio. Carl and Esther list parents birthplace as Sweden. Carl's occupation listed as Carpenter (Building Construction). 
Olson, Augusta Theresa (I46)
207 Cause of death Arterio Sclerosis
Lot 7, sec. 16
age: 57 years, 10 days
Last Residence: 120 Lark St. Albany NY
Born July 4, 1867
"Son of Gerrit T and Frederica Goodman Bratt
husband of Margaret L. Bratt, father of Gerrit T, and Edward J Bratt, Mrs. James J. Danahy and Mrs. Philip M Browning 
Bratt, Joshua Rathbun (I9)
208 Cause of death: Myocardial Infarction, Death Certificate issued by District of Columbia General Hospital. File No 531416. Copy issues May 28, 2008 Bratt, Kathryn Frances (I66)
209 Cemetery burial card Menands, Albany Rural Cemetery. Lists cause of death Acute Grippe.
Lists last residence 120 Lark St. Albany NY
Lot 7, Section 16
"Wife of Joshua Rathbun Bratt" 
Judge, Margaret Loretta (I72)
210 Cemetery card is presumed. Bratt, John Jr (I3535)
211 Cemetery card lists cause of death, Old Age
Last Residence: Old Men's Home
Twp of Colonie, N Y
Lot 7, Section 16 
Bratt, Edgar (I182)
212 Cemetery card says:
birthplace, Germany
Last address: 162 Madison Ave.
Cause of death: diabetes Mellitis
Age 71 yrs, 7 months 11 days (Birth Feb 7, 1835) 
Goodman, Frederika (I173)
213 Census also lists two borders
Source Type: Census 
Source (S191)
214 Census lises laborer and servant also.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S290)
215 Census Record Browning, Philip Macy (I144)
216 Census recorder wrote "Bradd" for family name
Source Type: Census 
Source (S154)
217 Census recorder wrote: Luper Clydene's parents from Iowa and Illinois Clyde (I656)
218 Census reports Henry's year of birth as 1856
Source Type: Census 
Source (S252)
219 Census says Robert M. Conkey was married, but there is no recording of year married. Probably an error.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S264)
220 Certificate No. 13632 Family F1892
221 Change to Petravage after emmigration to US. Headstone, in the originaly spelling: Pietrewicz Pietrewicz, Wladyslaw (I3324)
222 Charles and Lilian married in 1885
Source Type: Census 
Source (S324)
223 Children - Eleanor N Foster, Lucy May Foster, George Francis Foster, Oscar Newland Foster, Lillie May Foster, Emily Nora Foster Family F1834
224 Children - Margaret Foster, Newland Johnson Foster, Claxton Edwin Foster, Grace Foster, William Henry Foster, George Lynwood Foster Family F1833
225 Children: Max Terrell Greene, Georgia Greene, Laurel Greene, Phillis Greene Family F1939
226 Class of worker: Unpaid family worker Hawkins, Eugene Hardy (I5059)
227 Class of worker: Wage earner Hawkins, Riego Curtis (I5058)
228 Class of worker: Wage or salary worker in private work Cannon, Angus Jeanne (I136)
229 Class of worker: Working on own account Hawkins, Leo Chase (I51)
230 Class of worker: Working on own account Smith, Fountain Morris (I657)
231 Claudia probably Will's daughter from prior marriage.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S238)
232 Clerk, 10 Lumber district Bratt, Gerrit Teunis Jr (I67)
233 COL, Commander, 457th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Luper, Col James R Jr (I4700)
234 COLKET, MEREDITH B., JR. Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe, 1607-1657. Cleveland: General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, 1975. 366p.
Into Place: New Amsterdam, Manhattan, New Netherland Colony (New York) 
Lansing, Hendrick G. (I4854)
235 commanded the Rear Guard of General Gates Division at the Battle of Camden in the Revolutionary War, and later became a colonel in the Virginia Militia. (He served with rank as Major Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel of the 10th Regiment of the Virginia Militia.) He also served as County Justice of the Peace of Bedford County. He lived at "Mt. Airy" near Leesville VA., and is interred there in the family burying ground. Leftwich, Colonel Thomas (I765)
236 Comment to Quackenbosch Coad of Arms: posted by RMLimberg -- "Coat of Arms & Motto (translation): Quackenbush is a Dutch name. The first recorded use of the Quackenbush coat of arms was in 1529 by Dirk Aelbertszoon van Quackenbosch, registered in the Leiden Armorial (1785). The motto "Vrede in Rykdom" (Peace in Wealth) was first used by his grandson Gerrit Aelbertszoon van Quackenbosch in 1578.

Under the rules of heraldry, the right to bear a coat of arms passes only to the direct descendants of the bearer. Because some crucial links in the family history have been lost over the centuries, the North American Quackenbush family cannot technically use the coat of arms.

All available records indicate that every Quackenbush in North America can ultimately be traced back to an immigrant name Pieter Quackenbosch who came to New Netherland (later called New York) in 1653 aboard the ship Graft. Pieter was born in Oegstgeesst Holland circa 1614. The modern village of Oesgstgeest is a suburb of Leiden in South Holland.

In Holland the prefix van does not necessarily imply nobility or high social stature the way the German prefix von does- it simply means 'from' or 'of'. Literally translated, the name Pieter van Quackenbosch probably means something like "Peter from the forest of the croaking frogs".

A dictionary search of modern Dutch reveals that the word "bosch" means "forest" while "kwaken" is the sound made by frogs or crows. At least one translator believes "kwaken" can also refer to the "quack" sound made by ducks. Serious students of the Dutch language should probably do their research elsewhere.

Known spelling variations are Quackenbos, Quackenboss, Quakkelbosch, Quakenbush, Qualkinbush, and Kwakkenbos.The anglicized "Quackenbush" spelling is the most common in North America. The Amersterdam telephone directory presently lists a number of people using the modern Dutch spelling of "Kwakkenbos".

A detailed history of the origin of the name Quackenbush can be found in the book The Quackenbush Family in America, Copyright 1987 by Gail Richard Quackenbush, published by the Henington Publishing Company in Wolfe City Texas. Anyone interested in the family genealogy should have a copy of this excellent book. 
Quackenbosch, Pieter van (I4152)
237 Company of Newbury men in French and Indian War Hoag, Jonathan (I4036)
238 Complete Bio. on George Hill at Find A Grave Memorial# 62013416 Hill, George Elbridge (I4813)
239 Composer of tune "Rathbun." Today sung as "In the cross of Christ I glory," 1849

From Cyber Hymnal (on-line) []
Conkey played the organ for a while at the Central Baptist Church in Norwich, Connecticut. In 1850, he moved to New York City and sang as a bass soloist in choirs at Calvary Episcopal Church and Grace Church. Beginning in 1861, he was the bass soloist and quarter choir director at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church, where he served until his death.

From the National Register of Historic Places (
Conkey-Stevens House (added 1979 - Building - #79000352)
664 Main St., Amherst

Historic Significance: Person, Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer: Cutler,Robert
Architectural Style: Second Empire
Historic Person: Conkey, Ithamar
Significant Year: 1879, 1889, 1840
Area of Significance: Architecture, Politics/Government, Law
Period of Significance: 1825-1849, 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling
Current Function: Vacant/Not In Use 
Conkey, Ithamar (I223)
240 Confirms birth date. Arrived on vessel Santa Ana, arriving New York from Callao Peru. White, complexion Dark Height 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 138 Lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes. Married to Marie (Petravage). Declaration 59642, Chicago, Ill. Rodriguez-Larrain, Dr. Abel Lucio (I40)
241 Confirms birth date. Lists John F. Danahy, 405 Clinton Av. Albany NY as person will will know whareabouts. Employed at 539 Wells St. Chicago. Danahy, James (I3281)
242 Confirms DOB and Place of birth. Blue eyes, brown hair, medium build. Occupation, Municipal Gas Company (Gas Fitting Plumber). Single Caucasion Danahy, James (I3281)
243 Conkey played the organ for a while at the Central Baptist Church in Norwich, Connecticut. In 1850, he moved to New York City and was a bass soloist in choirs at Calvary Episcopal Church and Grace Church. Beginning in 1861, he was the bass soloist and quarter choir director at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church, where he served until his death.
Conkey, Ithamar (I223)
244 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F39
245 CORPORAL US ARMY Choate, Nathan Wilson (I892)
246 Could be son of Benjamin Lawless from Caroline County and Pittsylvania County, Virginia who has an extensive criminal history, including a charge of treason during the Revolutionary War. So far this is unproved.
Records do indicate that Benjamin Lawless, Jr. swore an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia during the war, but Benjamin lawless, Sr., refused. 
Lawless, Benjamin (I3397)
247 Could not find any entry under Brot
Source Type: Google Book 
Source (S398)
248 CPT US ARMY AIR FORCES WORLD WAR II Renison, Preston Lee (I4650)
249 Crossed the plains in a covered wagon, April through Sept. 1853 Have his brother John's diary pages (copied?) of the trip, started April 5, 1853, ended Sept. in Oregon. (Land claim data suggest arrival 26, 29 August Luper, James Martin Bernheisel (I150)
250 DAR Ancestor #: A206525
Service Source: NARA, M881, COMP MIL SERV RECS, ROLL #755; ROBERTS, NY IN THE REV, P 101
Service Description:
Bratt, Hendrick (I183)

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