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2651 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Ref. "Falaise Roll...," M. Jackson Crispin & Leonce Macary (London: Butler
& Tanner, 1938, Table XIII).} Leofric founded the Church of Coventry and
was regarded "thegn" (Thane) from 1005 and "dux" (Duke) from 1026; Earl of
Mercia by 1032. He was "very old" at death. He was fourth child of his
Leofric, Earl of Mercia III (I1211)
2652 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Ref. Encycl. Britannica, 1956 Ed., 14:413f.:} "Louis may truly be called
the founder of the German kingdom, though his attempts to maintain the
unity of the Empire proved futile. ...He lived in close alliance with the
Church, to which he was very generous, and supported its missionary
Louis King of East Franks (I1840)
2653 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{ref. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1956 Edition, 5:214 & 3:738:} Theobald took
the title of Count about 940 and founded the House of Blois. His nickname
means "the Cheat." "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 49-19 states he d.
Theobald, Count of Blois, "le Tricheur" I (I1739)
2654 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Ref: "Falaise Roll...", M. Jackson Crispin & Leonce Macary (London: Butler &
Tanner, 1938), Tables III & IV.} 
de Conteville, Herlouin (De Burgo) (I1378)
2655 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{See Comments for ID 1646} Eric reigned 850-882. 
Edmundson, King of Sweden Eric (I1620)
2656 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{See comments for ID3241.} 
Sprota (I1337)
2657 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{See Crispin, "Falaise Roll" (London, 1938), pp.186-87.} She m. (2) 988
Robert II of France (repudiated). 
Rosele (I1403)
2658 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{See discussion in "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 121E-18.} 
Valois, Lady Poppa de (I1441)
2659 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Son of Gillocher. Line from Carr P. Collins, "Royal Ancestors of Magna
Carta Barons" (Dallas: 1959), p. 177.} 
Gylocher, Earl of Mar Morgund Mac (I1031)
2660 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Suggested as parent(s) of Ermengaud, Count d'Alby, by W.H.Turton, "The
Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,1968),p.46 - Raymonde II m.
de Rouerge, Raymonde II Count (I1794)
2661 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{There is some doubt about her maiden name and parents.} 
Stewart, Margaret (I1003)
2662 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{This legendary line is from W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry"
(Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,1968), p.77.} 
Rhys King of Gwent (I1860)
2663 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{This line from "Royal Ancestors of Sixty New England Colonists," Frederick
L. Weis, Lancaster, Mass., 1950, pp. 44 & 139. The 7th edition of this book
in 1992 casts doubt on this marriage and states "It is probable that Llywarch
was son of another woman." However, Trahaern is his father.} 
Arwystli, Trahaern of Prince\northWales (I1103)
2664 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{This line is from W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen. Pub.
Co., 1968, p. 91.} 
Yreichfras, Carader (I1693)
2665 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{This line is presented differently in W.H.Turton,"The Plantagenet
Ancestry"(Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,1968),p.181,q.v.} Luitride II m. Hiltrude _____. 
Luitfride, Count of Alsace II (I1773)
2666 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{This line of descent to Matilda d'Avranches who m. Ranulf, Viscount of
Bayeux, is from "Falaise Roll...," M. Jackson Crispin & Leonce Macary
(London: Butler & Tanner, 1938, Table III).} 
Maer, "natural son" Hrollager of (I1800)
2667 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton has his ancestry in "The Plantagenet Ancestry," p. 26, but it
does not seem reliable.} His wife is Asloga. 
Denmark, Ragnar of (I1862)
2668 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton Identifies her as Mildegarde de Gand, dau. of Wichmann, Count
of Gand (d. ca. 949) - "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,
1968), p. 20.} 
Hildegard of Flanders (I1533)
2669 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen. Pub. Co., 1968), p. 23
& 181, titles him Guelph III, Count of Andech, and has him son of Guelph,
Guelph, Count of Altdorf I (I1828)
2670 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen. Pub. Co., 1968), p. 26,
gives Sviastoslav as son of Igor of Kiev (d. 945) and Olga (d. 969), and
Igor as son of Rurik of Kiev (d. 879).} He was the first prince of Kiev to
attempt conquest beyond Russia proper, invading Bulgaria and taking Preslav
in 968; he was forced to withdraw in 972 and was killed in a battle with the
Petchenegs (employed by the Byzantines to attack him). 
Sviastoslav, Grand Duke of Kiev I (I1427)
2671 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton,"The Plantagenet Ancestry," (Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,1968),p.6, gives
the daughter of Eystein Glumra as wife of Ivar, Earl of the Uplands, son
of Halfdan the Old.} 
dau. of Eystein Glumra (I1777)
2672 [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{William's parents given in "The Bruce Journal," Vol. 1, No. 4, p. 47; Vol.
1, No. 1, p. 10 states that William is buried in Gisburne Abbey.} 
Bruce, Baron of Annandale William (I1021)

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