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51 1st marriage Family F905
52 2 Children Family F1932
53 2 Children, William and Henry Family F1532
54 2 girls Family F1818
55 240 E. Chapman is now Fullerton College or the parking log across the street. Renison, Reba Nevada (I2863)
56 2nd marriage for both Family F509
57 2nd wife of Amos Scott
She and Amos resided in Rupert, Vt., where their first five children were born, and in 1789 removed to Bristol, Vt.
He bought him a farm near New Haven river at the lower end of New Haven mills, and there built a forge. At this forge was made the first iron that was made in that section of the state. He died in 1822. 
Family F184
58 3 children Family F1693
59 4 Children Family F1937
60 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls Family F1820
61 5 children, Joseph M, abt. 1855 Family F221
62 6 children to John Family F1761
63 6 Lodgers are also recorded at this address.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S288)
64 6 sisters, 3 brothers Family F1683
65 8 Children including James Family F1827
66 9 Children Luper, Margaret Abagail (I531)
67 9 Children Family F1832
68 9 others listed at this address. All appear unrelated.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S343)
69 A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1997, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for Jean Alice Dunn, who died Feb. 22 at age 68. A family graveside service will follow in River View Cemetery.

Mrs. Dunn was born May 4, 1928, in Portland. Her maiden name was Irwin. She graduated from Lincoln High School in 1946. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church.

Survivors include her husband, John T. 'Jack' Sr.; sons, John and Jeff, both of Portland, and Jim of Yorba Linda, Calif.; and 10 grandchildren.

Arrangements are by Riverview Abbey Funeral Home.

Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
Date: February 25, 1997

Loving And Devoted Wife, Mother, Daughter, Grandmother 
Irwin, Jean Alice (I891)
70 ABBR 1880 United States Census Source (S1)
71 ABBR An Account of Barent Baltus, the Progenitor of the Van Kleeck Family in the U.S. and Canada Source (S2)
72 ABBR Van Kleeck Family, The Source (S24)
73 Abnigail's age is recorded as 44. Probably thi is an error.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S389)
74 About 6 Mi. south of Albany Ore, bought a claim with cabin, 320 acres of wheat land.
Oregon Land Claim No. 1493 (call no. 979.5 G 326 c 1 p. 60) 
Luper, James Martin Bernheisel (I150)
75 Accompanied Cpt. Abijah Smith to NY Cutter, John III (I321)
76 Additional information can be found at -- Look in Robin Boon's family tree
McBride, Bruce (I221)
77 Admitted Sonoma State Mental Hospital, July 18, 1912 Ringo, Hazel E (I4167)
78 Admitted to Stocton State Mental Institution June 27 1884 Roberts, Caroline (I5260)
79 Adopted Chase, Jane Ann (I3950)
80 After the death of her father, Milton Ellsworth Fithian, Paula decided to research his family. This data is from her findings. Source (S13)
81 Ages seem off, but family seems correct.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S452)
82 Albany City Directory of this year states: Removed to Minneapolis, Minnesota Bratt, Joshua Rathbun (I9)
83 Albany city directory, 1869, p 153 
Rathbun, Joshua (I4965)
84 Albany city directory, 1869, p 27

Bratt AE Miss seamstress house 19 Lancaster
Bratt Gerritt T Joshua Rathbun & Co 14 Lumber district house 67 Lumber
Bratt Gerritt T Mrs house 374 Hudson
Bratt Henry mason house 19 Lancaster

Similar listing in Albany Directory of 1866. 
Bratt, Gerrit Teunis Jr (I67)
85 All children recorded as born in Erie Co. M. Joseph listed as Naturalized Citizen. Wood House, Value 1000. Names: Katherine Heintz recorded as Katherina, Catherine Speidel recorded as Katherena, Alour recorded as Alice (belive to be incorrect)
Source Type: Census 
Source (S205)
86 Alour is liasted as Alois. Francis is listed as Frank.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S202)
87 Alour is named Allis, Magdalena is named Lana, Sebastian is named Bastian
Source Type: Census 
Source (S201)
88 Also confirmed on WW I Draft Registration McClaugherty, William Henry (I425)
89 also Count of Tolouse Raymond, Duke of Aquitaine III (I1447)
90 Also knowns as Carolyn R Valencia Lewis, Carolyn Ruth (I758)
91 Also listas Amelia Hurst Age 24, Female, Frederick Hurst Age 4 mos. at this location
Source Type: Census 
Source (S127)
92 Also lists Maid: Adele Leycock. Female, White 55 years old. No school information. Birthplace: LA, Works 60 hrs./week, PW, Income: $480
Source Type: Census 
Source (S465)
93 Also lists: Native for David, William and Alfred. Lists William as owner of land, Lists David as Over 21 and not able to read or write.
Source Type: Census 
Source (S457)
94 Also lived in Plattsmouth, Cass, Nebraska Family F1638
95 Also lived: Franklin Co., PA
Also lived 2: Orange Co., NC
Note: 1831, In John McMurtry Sr will 
McMurtry, Jane (I921)
96 Also lived: lived Bernards Township, Somerset Co., NJ
Also lived 2: 1720, New Jersey, Belvedere 1250 acres
Burial: Old Roxitcus Churchyard, Ralston, Morris Co., NJ (no marker)
Immigrated: Abt. 1720, From Northern Ireland
Occupation: surveyor of Somerset Co. 1764
Will Filed: April 21, 1788, will probated Somerset Co., NJ
Will written: 1785

1778 tax list shows Thomas McMurtry with 84 acres of improved lands valued at $400.00, 8 cattle, 27 hogs, 6 horses, no slaves.

From Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol V p 280

McMurtry - Thomas McMurtry and wife Mary, with his brothers Robert and Joseph, were Scotch-Irish from North Ireland, who came to America about 1720 and located in Morris Co. Thomas, from whom those of the name in Somerset are believed to descend, had sons James, Thomas and Robert.


In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas McMurtrie of the County of Somerset and Twp. of Bernard, being weak in Body but o sound mind and Memory (blessed be God), do this Thirtyeth day of March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eightyfive make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in the Manner following: (That is to say) Prinicipally and first of all, I resign my soul into the hands of God that gave it; hoping in the Merits, Mediation and Intersession of our Lord and Savior Jeses Christ.

Secondly, it is my Will and I do hereby Order that all my Debts and funeral Charges be first paid and discharged.

I give and Bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary a Maintenance out of my Estate during her Natural Life and all her Clothing and Household furniture is to be at her disposal and my Son Roert is to furnish her with a Horse and Saddle to use at her Request, during her natural life.

Item - I give and Bequeath unto my son Thomas, Seven Shillings and Six Pence
Item - I give and Bequeath unto Zephaniah Martin, Seven Shillings and Six Pence
Item - I give and Bequeath unto the Children of my Eldest Son James McMurtrie Seven Shillings
and six Pence
Item - I give and Bequesth unto my son Robert All my Estate Real and Personal, Excepting that part thereof that is herein before bequeathed.

And I make and Ordain my Beloved Wife Mary Executor and my Friend Samuel McCord Executor of this my last Will and Testament, giving them Full Power and Authority to Act and do as it herein Contained, and disannulling all former Wills by me made, Ratifying, Allowing and Confirming this and no Other to be my last Will and Testament,

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of

James McVicker
Robert Andrew
William McVicker
Thomas' will is located in the New Jersey Archives, Vol. 6, page 262. 
McMurtry, Thomas (I961)
97 Also, "Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 12 June 2016), Francis Norris and Mary E. Gosner, 07 Nov 1857; citing Coshocton,Ohio, reference ; FHL microfilm 0895288 V. 1. Family F1774
98 Alternate date of death. Due to inscription and y/m/d life duration, I think I would go with this date. Curious if there is a relationship between James Henry's death and his father who died about the same time. Bratt, James Henry (I3530)
99 Alternate date suggested by D. Haley Gomez Smith family history Family F1292
100 Alternate marriage date? Family F194

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