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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Living note Tree
1 I1772    Adilheid      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Conrad II may have been son of Conrad I by his second wife, Adela of Tours,
rather than by his first wife, Adilheid. 
2 I960    Agnes  Abt 1730  Aft 1788  No Marker  bratt01 
3 I1724    Alfburgis      heir of Lesmond  bratt01 
4 I1854    Alpais      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

AKA Aupails. Her mother is not known. Alpais was Abbess of St. Peter's at
Rheims, France. 
5 I1367    Avelina      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Avelina is sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy. 
6 I2909    Barent Baltus  Abt 1610    [daniel_bratt_ancestors.FTW]

Barent Baltus was the progenitor of the Van Kleeck family in America and Canada. As a young man from Lipstadt, in Westphalia, in the present Germany, he married in Haarlem, Province of North Holland, The Netherlands, Sara Pieters, a young woman of Haarlem. About 4 1/2 years later, 29 January 1636, Barent B., as a widower married Mayken Quiters, a young woman of Haarlem. During the period 1651 Barent brought his family to the Dutch colony of New Netherlands, Midwout/Flatbush on Western Long Island. That Barent died before 19 November 1659 is evidenced by the fact that on that date a suit was brought against his widow for payment of masters wages amounting to six guilders. From this it is inferred that Barent Baltus was in some way identified with a shipping or maritime business although no confirmation of this had been found. The origin of the name Van Kleeck is unknown. While many of the old Dutch families derive their names from towns in Holland and from which the progenitor came, this does not hold true with respect to the name Van Kleeck. The name is unknown in Holland and cannot be linked to any town, village, diocese or locality. Van Kleeck as a surname first appears at the baptism of Peter, son of Baltus Barents, at Bergen, New Jersey, October 1685, and at the burial of a daughter in 1683, the father's name is shown as Baltus Barentse Van Kleeck. 
7 I1729    Bertha      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Bertha is daughter of Remi (or Rency) and Arsende (or Arsinde). 
8 I1220    Bianco      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Bianco was murdered by Macbeth. The ancestry shown here is not proven to my
satisfaction - AEM. 
9 I1322    Brusse    1031  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Brusse was Earl of Caithness and Sunderland. {-Carr P. Collins, "Royal
Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons" (Dallas, 1959), p.226, gives his descent
to Robert I, King of Scotland 1306-29.} The name is from the town of Bruis
in France. Brusse was Privy Councillor to King Olaus the Holy, according to
"The Bruce Journal," 1:4, p. 47. 
10 I656    Clyde  Cal 1879  9 Jun 1939  Census recorder wrote: Luper Clydene's parents from Iowa and Illinois  bratt01 
11 I656    Clyde  Cal 1879  9 Jun 1939  From California Death Index  bratt01 
12 I1604    Cunegonde  890    [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 143-18: "Cunegonde, b. ca. 890; m. (1)
Wigeric, d. 919, Count in the Triergau, Count Palatine of Aachen; m. (2)
ca. 920 Richwin, d. 923, Count of Verdun." 
13 I4525    Dora  Cal 1893    Industry, business or establishment: Theater
Employer, salary or wage worker, or working on own account: Wage earner 
14 I1804    Ealhmund    786  King of Kent, 784  bratt01 
15 I1804    Ealhmund    786  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

His wife (name unknown) is a daughter of Aethelbert II of Kent, King of Kent
(joint)(d. 762), son of Wihtred of Kent, King of Kent (acceeded 690, d. 725,
son of Egbert I of Kent, King of Kent). See Brian Thompsett's online
database: Ealhmund also
had a daughter, Alburga, a nun. 
16 I1331    Ecgfrid      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Identified as daughter of Ealdhun, Bishop of Durham (d. 1018) and wife of Uchtred the Bold - W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Baltimore: Gen. Pub. Co., 1968), p. 141. Le Bateman (LeBateman@NetZero.Net) reported via email, July, 2001: "'Old
Germanic Principles of Name Giving' by Woolf has Egfrid's name spelled Ecgthryth. Actually for the name to make the dg as in Ridge or Edge Sweord. Ecg, cg would have to be present. And Aldwin as Aeldhun. Also though you should I know Uhtred and his
first wife had a son named Thored. There was another son, but cannot recall his name. Uhtred's grandfather was Ealdred and his greatgrandfather Ealdulf also spelled Ealdwulf. Was wondering who Styr Wulf's son was. Ealdwulf is supposedly descended
from Ida the Flame Bearer." 
17 I1631    Edgiva  896  951  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Edgiva m. (2) 951 in St.Quentin, France to Herbert the Elder of Meaux,
Count of Meaux & Troy, and with him had:
Child 2: Stephen I of Vermandois, Count of Vermandois, b. ca. 952;
Child 3: Agnes, b. 953. 
18 I1738    Elfgifu      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"Smyth (Alfred the Great) says she married Conrad of Burgandy. There is
confusion in that she married "a Prince near the Alps"; but Boleslaw seems
the most likely." - Brian Thompsett ( 1999) at his Web site:
This disputes the descendancy from her in AEM's database. 
19 I1055    Elizabeth      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"The Lineage and Ancestry of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales," I:11-12,
lists 20 `natural' children of King Henry I; among the youngest is Isabel
(a form of Elizabeth), born of Isabel, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, Earl
of Leicester, and wife of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Pembroke. 
20 I4871    Elizabeth  Abt 1877    Birth date calculated from 1897 passenger manifest Hamburg to New York, Fürst Bismarck, departure date 2 Sep 1897
First name and relationship from Passport Application of Mark in 1897. 
21 I4841    Ella  20 Mar 1841  11 Apr 1880  Find a grave: 35496106  bratt01 
22 I148    Ella L  23 Dec 1875  11 Apr 1968  Mother's maiden name from California Social Security Death Index  bratt01 
23 I760    Etta  Cal 1896    Industry: Real Estate
Class of worker: Wage or salary worker in private work 
24 I1152    Fleance      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

An authority on the Domesday tenants in England, Mr. A. S. Ellis, authored a
note in "Notes and Queries" (5th Series, 10:402-03) stating that Fladd (or
Fleance) is the eleventh century ancestor of the Stuarts and FitzAlans, and
"certainly came from Brittany, and occurs there about 1075 as Fledald, the
younger brother and heir of Alan, the seneschal of Dol. In "Notes and
Queries" (7th Series, 6:355) Ellis further explains his careful research and
its conclusion. 
25 I1653    Garnier      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Garnier was Seigneur [Lord] of Loches de Villandry et de la Haye. 
26 I1119    Gundrada    27 May 1085  Died in childbirth  bratt01 
27 I1119    Gundrada    27 May 1085  whose brother was the Flemish Earl of Chester {see "History and Genealogy of the
Warren Family," (This source mistakenly attributes Gundrada is buried in the Chapter House at Lewes on the Isle of Wight (See contribution by David Ross); ) Thomas Warren (1902); "Gundrada de Warenne," Edmond Chester
Waters, Hammersmith, England, 10/1884; "William the Conqueror: The Norman
Impact Upon England," David C. Douglas, Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1966,
p. 267: "...a certain Gerbod, who was probably advocatus of the abbey of
Saint-Bertin. Described as `Flandrensis' (of Flanders), he was apparently
the son of another advocatus of the same name, and in 1070 he was entrusted
with the earldom of Chester....his sister, Gundrada, married William de
Warenne." William and Gundrada also had Rainald or Reginald, and Edith.}
M.J.Crispin {"Fallaise Roll": 1938, p.52,} believes that Gundrada is
daughter of Queen Matilda, citing a charter of William de Warenne to the
Lewes priory in which he states that his donations, among others, were for
Queen Matilda, the mother of his wife. "It is conjectured that Gundrada
[sic] and Gherbod the Fleming, created earl of Chester, her brother, were
the children of Queen Matilda by a former marriage, probably clandestine,
and therefore not reported by the historians of the day." Crispin believes
that the marriage to Gundrada is one reason William Rufus was so generous
in bestowing estates on William de Warenne. This line of reasoning is
opposed by David C. Douglas in his biography of William the Conqueror (see
28 I1119    Gundrada    27 May 1085  was buried in the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras (which she founded) at Lewes in East Sussex. Initially buried before the high altar, her bones and those of her husband William de Warrenne were later moved to the Chapter House of the Priory when it was built in the 13th century. The priory was demolished at the Dissolution in 1537. The bones in their lead caskets were uncovered in 1845 when a cutting for a railway was being dug through the remains of the Priory. They were re-interred in the church of St John the Baptist which was once the hospitium of the priory. Her tomb slab can be seen in the Gundrada chapel in that church.  bratt01 
29 I1284    Hildeburg      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

[Kraentzler, op. cit., p. 60, gives her name as Hadeburge de Beaudemont,
dau. of Raoul IV de Beaudemont, Viscount de Mans, and Ermensinde de
Montreveau (first marriage for both).] 
30 I1533    Hildegard  934  10 Apr 990  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{W.H.Turton Identifies her as Mildegarde de Gand, dau. of Wichmann, Count
of Gand (d. ca. 949) - "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co.,
1968), p. 20.} 
31 I4680    Katherine Elizabeth  1 Dec 1800  30 Jan 1871  Not sure if family name is Carr, or something else.  bratt01 
32 I1060    Llywarch    1129  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{"Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 176-3: The marriage of Nesta and
Trahaern "is very doubtful. It is probable that Llywarch was son of
another woman."} 
33 I1094    Maldred    1045  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Maldred is the younger son; his illegitimate male line still exists in the
family of Dunbar. He was Lord of Carlisle and Allendale. He and Ealdgith
are given as parents of Gospatrick by "The Prescott Family of America,"
Doris Cline Ward (2nd Ed., 1977). See "The Scots Peerage," James Balfour
Paul (Edinburg: David Douglas, 1906), pp. 240-41. He was Regent of
Strathclyde in 1034. 
34 I976    Mary    Aft 1788  No Marker  bratt01 
35 I2397    Mary      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"History of the Town of Hingham" II:243: "She survived [John], and m.
secondly, 18 June 1669, Nathaniel Chubbuck." Mary and John had ten
children, listed on II:243. 
36 I1675    Osburh    853  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Osburh ("Osburga") was daughter of Earl Olsac the Thane, Grand Butler of
England (known as The Cupbearer). 
37 I1203    Ralph    Between 1068 and 1070  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Ralph probably was a Breton or of mixed English & Breton parentage, born by
1011; an officer of English rulers ("dapifer" of Edward the Confessor);
had many lands; Earl of Norfolk & Suffolk or East Angles; probably Baron of
Gael in Brittany from which his son took his name (de Gael or de Guader).
He was alive 2/68 but dead by 4/70. 
38 I1233    Rognvald    1046  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Rognvald was General in the Army of King Olav of Norway. He was "put to
death." He was Earl of Ladoga in Russia. 
39 I42    Rosalind Karen  1922  2 May 2014  Burried next to Dr. Able Rodriguez-Larrain  bratt01 
40 I1554    Roscille    Aft Jul 929  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Alison Weir, "Eleanor of Aquitaine" (1999), p. 417, gives her as Roscilla,
daughter of Warner, Lord of Loches. 
41 I1318    Seissylt      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Seissylt's wife, Prawst, is dau. of Elise, Prince of North Wales (d. 941;
son of Anaewd, Prince of North Wales). {For this Welsh line, also see
W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing
Co., 1968), p. 128, 130, which gives ancestry to King Roderick the Great,
42 I1381    Senfrie      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Senfrie married a forester of the Duke of Normandy at Sauqueville near
43 I1222    Slani      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

For this family see "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 239-1&2. Slani m.
Sihtric of the Silken Beard, King of Dublin and son of Olaf Kvaaran, King of
York and Dublin, d. in Iona about 981, by his wife Gormflaith, daughter of
Murchad, King of Leinster, and wife of Brian. Sihtric was on pilgrimage to
Rome in 1028 and died in 1042. 
44 I1337    Sprota      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{See comments for ID3241.} 
45 I1240    Unknown      [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Maldred mac Crinan married Ealdthryth, daughter of Uhtred the Bold and
Aelgifu. Uhtred was murdered by Thorbrand's treachery by the hands of
Cnut's soldiers. This information is from Le Bateman via email, 7/2001. It
is not certain that this is another wife, or if this is indeed the mother of
46 I780  Abercrombie  Margaret  11 Jan 1747  1 Feb 1801  Reinternment: Quabbin Park Cemetery, Ware, MA  bratt01 
47 I1576  Adalbert        [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"Falaise Roll" (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994), p. 30, opines
that he is second son if Wickman, created Count of Gand in 940 by Emperor
Otho, his nephew. This Wickman is second son of Bruno, Duke of Saxony.
Bruno descends from Witiking, duke of Angria, who opposed Charlemange ca.
48 I1219  Adelaide    1009  8 Jan 1079  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

Adelaide (also known as Adelisa of France) may be daughter of Robert II and
another wife. 
49 I1877  Adelbert      720  [dunbar_tree.FTW]

{Possibly same person as brother of similar name and title, despite
differing death dates in this database.} Adelbert married Gerlinde _______.
He is brother of St. Odile, patron saint of Alsace (d. 12-05-720), said to be
born blind and cast out for this reason by her family, adopted by a convent
where she miraculously recovered her sight - eventually becoming abbess and
foundress of Hohenburg and of Niedermunster (both under the Benedictine rule). 
50 I1655  Adele        [dunbar_tree.FTW]

"Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 48-18 gives Aelis as first wife of
Robert I, but other sources state that Beatrix of Vermandois is the first. 

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