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1 Creighton, Rev. James  Picture Note: copyright Methodist Archive, Rylands Library, Manchester University.
Media Date: ABT 1783
Keywords: Picture 
2018-01-22 08:15:20 
2 Creighton, Rev. James - Mezzotint  Copy from Lesley Berry. From archives of University of Manchester. More on James Creighton is available at her family tree:  2018-01-22 08:11:37 
3 Creighton, Rev. James (2)  Picture Note: This portrait by John Renton is in the Chalmers Collection of Hackney Council who describe it as a portrait of Conrad Loddiges.(John Renton was the brother of Jane Renton who married James Creighton,son of Rev. Creighton.) This portrait appears to show the sitter in clerical dress of the time.I am in process of contacting Hackney Council to confirm it is of James Creighton and not Conrad Loddiges.

**As of 15 March 2013, this portrait has been renamed as portrait of Rev James Creighton by Hackney Council who have adjusted their records.**
Lesley Berry (Hampshire, England) did the leg-work to show that this portrait is of Rev. Creighton. More details are available at her family tree: @lesleykat
Keywords: Picture 
2018-01-22 08:09:01