Albany City Directory, 1863

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  • Title Albany City Directory, 1863 
    Source ID S398 
    Text Page 21:
    Bradt Henry T mail agt NYCRR house 50
    Bradt Isaac bookbinder h 3 Bleecker place
    Bradt John J grocer 1 Bethlehem road h do
    Bradt John P 4th dist police b Foland's Hotel
    Bradt Margaret widow house rear 78 Third
    Bradt Peter A pilot house 301 South Pearl
    Bradt Samuel C & Co Wm McKown grocers 124 State boards 43 Chestnut
    Bradt Sarah widow house Yates near Lark
    Bradt William A boards 17 Columbia
    Bradt see Bratt Brodt also Brot

    Page 22:
    Brate Nicholas carpenter house 127 Lydius
    Bratt Ann E shirtmaker house 19 Lancaster
    Bratt Catharine widow house 69 Jefferson
    Bratt Gerritt T clerk 10 Lumber district, house 830 Broadway
    Bratt Gerritt T Mrs house 3 0 Hudson
    Bratt Henry mason house 19 Lancaster
    Bratt Jacob carpenter house 147 Bowery
    Bratt Stephen VR patternmaker h 66 Plumb

    Page 43:
    DeWitt Wm H & Nephews EH Clark & AH De Witt staves 67 Pier h 745 B'way

    Page 145:
    Valkenburgh Rebecca saleswoman 56 S Pearl boards 256 do
    Valkenburgh SM lace and skirt store 54 and 56 S Pearl house 68 Herkimer

    Page 158:
    Young Archibald, Deputy US marshal, house 86 Lumber 

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