Albany Directory for the Year 1869

Source Information

  • Title Albany Directory for the Year 1869 
    Short Title Albany City Directory 1869 
    Author Sampson, Davenport & Co 
    Source ID S399 
    Text June 1 1869

    Page 26:
    Bradt Catharine widow boards 148 Jefferson
    Bradt Chas W D Bradt & Co 20 Madison avenue boards 167 Hamilton
    Bradt David & Co CW Bradt com mer 20 Madison avenue house 167 Hamilton
    Bradt David laborer boards 44 Odell
    Bradt Henry laborer boards 44 Odell
    Bradt Henry T & Edwards CA com mer 316 Broadway house 50 Union
    Bradt Isaac bookbinder h 14 Bleecker place
    Bradt Isaac saloon 78 Westerlo house do
    Bradt Isaac laborer boards 44 Odell
    Bradt John laborer house 44 Odell
    Bradt John laborer house 34 Broad
    Bradt John H painter house 145 Spring
    Bradt John J grocer 303 and 305 South Pearl house 290 do
    Bradt John P detective sergeant Capital Police 66 State boards Mansion house
    Bradt John R laborer house 281 Sherman
    Bradt Sam'l C grocer 90 Wash ave h 151 Swan
    Bradt Van Zandt blacksmith house 78 Arch
    Bradt William laborer house 44 Odell
    Bradt see Bratt Brodt also Brot

    Page 27:
    Bratt AE Miss seamstress house 19 Lancaster
    Bratt Gerritt T Joshua Rathbun & Co 14 Lumber district house 67 Lumber
    Bratt Gerritt T Mrs house 374 Hudson
    Bratt Henry mason house 19 Lancaster
    BRATT see Bradt Brodt also Brot

    Page 54:
    De Witt Wm H 443 Broadway house 745 do

    Page 153:
    Rathbun Acors J Rathbone & Co h 58 North
    Rathbun Fannie E Mrs house 197 Lumber
    Rathbun Albert H clerk house 197 Lumber
    Rathbun Joshua & Co Gerritt T Bratt and Acors Rathbun lumber dealers 14 Lumber district winter office 443 Broadway house 81 Columbia

    Page 203:
    Young Archibald deputy US Marshal 69 State house 86 Lumber