What's New (past 30 days)

July 2022
Added updates I received from my Aunt showing I'm descendant of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. My family joins the 10 - 30 million estimated ancestors from the Mayflower in 1620. This is a gold mine of new details about my family since there is so much genealogy surrounding early New England colonies.

Jan 5, 2020
First update in quite awhile. I think a bunch of detail was lost -- or maybe I never had it. In any case, I have added details about the Bratt/Bradt
family in the very early settler days (1600-1700's). Borrowing heavily from the New York public library sites.
I've also added a fair number of material that I have borrowed from a cousin in the Luper/Lufper clan. She has been posting pictures at a great
clip to her site at ancestry.com.

June 28, 2018
Site was hacked. I have installed patches to prevent recurrence. Hopefully everything is restored correctly.

Aug. 30, 2017
Seems that an upgrade managed to confuse my account creation SPAM captcha so no one could send comments or request a new account. That's fixed. Hopefully if someone had comments they'll return.

Feb 4, 2017
Added information about Ray family. Added Albany directory details for some Bratt's residing in Albany NY. Trying to sort out Edgar Bratt. I think he is correct now.
Updated information for Cutter family based on some new data from Ancestry.com. Fixed a bunch of images that were not displaying properly.

Aug 21 2016
Tried to sort out some of the Hawkins' cousins. Is quite challenging. The records are in good shape, but making sense of it was quite interesting. Extending from the hints
in Reigo Hawkins' Life sketch, I encountered Lavina Hawkins. Her first husband, seems to have deserted her after being called to an LDS Mission (according to Regio,
He didn't think it was something he ought to be asked to do. A few years later, he published a book that is frequently referenced as an early "expose" on
Mormonism. After that, he went back to England and sued Lavina for divorce as Lavina had joined a plural marriage with Joseph Woodmansee. This case
(Hyde vs. Hyde) is still referenced in modern times as precedent for common law marriage.

July 22 2016
Added details for Bratt family. Organized some of the place names.

Added some details for the MacClaugherty family.

June 2016
I've switched over to a new desktop tool -- Family Historian. I'm happy with it.
I have extended lots of family details for Smiths, Renisons, Heintz, and others.
I've figured out how to keep pictures in Sync between my desktop program and this online view. So, all the Census files are now linked in. Speaking of Census
I have a companion tool called: Ancestral Sources. This helps track things like Census details, along with the census images. You may notice that there are now
many census images here. This has been very useful -- especially sorting out some of the family dates that aren't quite accurate. Hopefully, things are now getting
ever close to that "perfection" point. I know ... it will never happen, but I always try.

August 2015 --
Had to replace my genealogy program. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it would reorder the people and family IDs. I have tried to reset all the media links, but no doubt, there will still be some errors.

Please use the Contact Me button if you find any mistakes, or want to ask questions.

I have been working with my Aunt Darleen and trying to run down loose ends on the Cutter side of Ed's ancestry. Also, I received a collection of family records from my Cousin Vivian and and am in the process of trying to compare what I have here, with what she has records for.

Hopefully, you will see a trickle of corrections and additions as I work through these two projects.